Meet the Therapy Animals

Our Incredible Therapy Animals!!

These amazing animals work with, and live with our team members, they each support a vital part of the healing we do on a daily basis, for ourselves and our clients. Just like people they all have very specialized gifts and skills that they bring to their work, feel free to ask your therapist questions!

Sugar Williams

Therapy Skunk (Virtual Only)

Meet Sugar! Sugar is a North American Striped Skunk who spends her days seeking treats from anyone who could provide one. She especially enjoys playing "Catch-me-if-you-can" at bedtime with our CEO Calvin Williams. Sugar is de-scented, (she cannot spray) and has a special affinity for fresh green peppers, beef steak and any other snack you may have in your hand at the time. Sugar freely roams Calvin & Lynette's home with Hawkeye, Honey, Bubby and Darkness. Sugar would love to join your virtual evening therapy session upon prior request.

**Sugar is not available for in person sessions.

Hawkeye Williams

Therapy Dog

Meet Hawkeye! Hawkeye is a 4 year old brindle Boston Terrier who spends his days as close to Lynette, as possible, at all times. Hawkeye would LOVE to join any therapy session upon request!

Snow Burton

Therapy Dog

Snow (known at home as Snowball) is a 5 year old golden lab. Snow loves to fetch, snore, and hang around her people.

Coco Burton

Therapy Dog

Coco known at home as "Toto" is a 12 year old Weimaraner and enjoys fetching, barking, and being with her family.

Honey Williams

Therapy Dog (Virtual Only)

Meet Honey! Honey is a 2 year old blue brindle Boston Terrier who believes with her whole heart that receiving pets will change not only her life but yours. Honey spends her days as close to our CEO, Calvin Williams as possible, at all times. Honey would agree to participate in any therapy session for a short time.

**Honey is not available for in person sessions.