Our Story

Our Why!

Choose a compassionate therapist who can help

When Calvin and Lynette dreamed about creating what would become Mind of Peace Counseling it was the fall of 2020. The world was reeling in a global pandemic and lockdowns nationwide were becoming part of the norm. The oil industry had ground to a crushing halt and the financial stability of thousands of Wyoming families were destroyed along with it. Calvin watched trucks and oil rigs leave the state, many heading overseas; and the people leave Wyoming with them; in droves, to seek employment and security where they could. Lynette watched admissions to the local psychiatric hospital (where she worked) skyrocket with the survivors of suicide attempts, and parents struggling with crippling depression and anxiety due to their inability to obtain stability and meet the financial needs of their families.

Certain that they could do more, for their community and neighbors Calvin and Lynette started Mind of Peace Counseling in December of 2020.

The Goals and Objectives

Begin Immediately

Start with 1 person, 1 family and 1 positive outcome and do so immediately in order to provide maximum relief in the shortest time possible.


Provide services that meet the needs of rural and otherwise restricted populations through telehealth allowing people maximum comfort, convenience and free them from the cost of additional travel. and time investment.

Employ only the Very Best Clinicians in the field.

Contract the services of industry leading mental health providers and compensate them well above the industry standard for that level of care, thereby providing élite services to clients.