Admin Staff

Calvin E. Williams

Founder, Owner & CEO

Calvin was born and raised in Laramie, WY and graduated from Wyoming Technical Institute where he not only learned about cars but people. As he moved further in his career he was a sales account manager for a large tire distribution company in Montana. Seeing the crushing economic struggles which added to mental health concerns for the people of Wyoming following the oilfield collapse, Calvin became determined to help to meet the needs of the people of his community through mental health and opened Mind of Peace Counseling in 2020 with his wife, Lynette Belknap-Williams, who inspired him through her practice of therapy.

Calvin currently resides in Wheatland, WY with his wife where he manages the day to day business of Mind of Peace Counseling and curates the menagerie of pets that his wife keeps.

Shaina Kirkendall

Practice Manager

Shaina Kirkendall was born on an Army Base at Fort Leonardwood, MO. She grew up in Delaware and attended college in Philadelphia. She has lived in several states, traveled extensively abroad and in recent years has returned to her East Coast roots. Shaina loves the Chesapeake Bay Region and has settled in North Eastern Maryland.

Shaina has a love for nature; enjoying the beautiful outdoors, beaches, rivers and bay in her area all year long. Shaina loves to play music, explore, sail and adventure with her niece.

Shaina has experienced the power of therapeutic approaches in both her professional and personal life; she considers those experiences to be life-changing and is dedicated to helping others equally have access to resources, clinicians and support. Shaina passionately believes in personal connection and access to various therapeutic approaches as crucial in helping individuals in times of crises or difficulties. Shaina utilizes authentic engagement with clients and staff to thoroughly guide their therapeutic experience.

Annette Beavers

Director of Billing and Insurance

Annette Beavers is a Mental Health Billing specialist with a decade of successful experience in billing, credentialing, and working with both small and large income accounts. Annette regularly attends training sessions to highlight latest trends and billing techniques, wellness applications, and analytics tools. Annette is a strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace, she believes that even the slightest compliment with friendly people to work with can make your day so much easier and keep you going back each day. Annette enjoys a binge day with favorite shows, especially during Christmas when all her favorite movies are on. Annette can also be found working on crafts and camping with friends/family once pleasant weather is back.

Reem Alkaabi

Clinical Coordinator

Reem Alkaabi was born in Tulsa, OK and lived in Fort Worth, TX. She then moved to the United Arab Emirates with family where she completed her BSc in Psychology. She has spent the past 4 years supporting the field of mental health in UAE through her work with the department of health as well as multiple crisis helplines and mental health platforms. She has also worked extensively in research with multiple publications to date.

Reem has now moved back to Oklahoma where she continues to pursue her passion for mental health care and accessibility. She enjoys hiking, gardening, gaming, and working with animals while she pursues her Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling at George Washington University.

Kristen Romick,CNA

Executive Assistant to CCO

Kristen Romick was born and raised in Alliance, Nebraska and has lived in Nebraska and Wyoming all of her adult life. Kristen has been actively involved in the medical community as a CNA for the past 4 years and brings a wealth of clinical medical knowledge to Mind of Peace Counseling. She currently resides on a farm north of Wheatland, WY where she helps her partner and his family with ag endeavors. She is passionate about reading great books and can be found in her down time rearranging and organizing her personal library. She and her partner share their lives with 2 fur children, a cat named Bagherra and a dog named Peaches.

Kristen supports operations for Mind of Peace Counseling.