Mapping Medicaid 2023

Shaina Kirkendall - Practice Manager 

Once COVID erupted into a full pandemic in early 2023, the Federal Government stepped in to ban states from removing Medicaid coverage from American citizens regardless of eligibility.  This means that even if you moved, gained or lost employment, had other coverage, etc. you would not lose your existing Medicaid coverage. That safety net lasted 3 years and starting in April, 2023, most U.S. states returned to requiring that states verify eligibility in order for individuals to continue receiving Medicaid.  This initiative is underway as states have already started the process of removing citizens who currently do not quality for coverage. 

How To Maintain or Enroll for Coverage:

It is most important that you have current contact information provided to ensure that state Medicaid correspondence can reach you.  Visit now to renew your Medicaid or CHIP enrollment, print current Medicaid cards, update your contact information, check income requirements, get phone numbers or enrollment website details for your state.  Formal disenrollment letters from Medicaid will be sent via hardcopy mail to your listed home address.  

How is My Family Impacted if I No Longer Qualify for Medicaid:

Even if you now make over the income limit to qualify for Medicaid ($14,580 for a single adult, $30,000 for a family of 4) you can still apply for AND qualify for cheap healthcare coverage options under the Affordable Care Act’s marketplace in your state.  These plans have low monthly costs (some well under $25.00 per month) but equally have higher deductibles to meet along with higher out-of-pocket expenses.  You’re able to pick a plan based on which healthcare features are most important/relevant to your personal circumstances; for example, prescription costs, specialist copays, office visit copays, dependent deductibles, etc. are all personal factors that individuals may consider when selecting a low-cost healthcare plan from their state’s marketplace.

Even if you no longer qualify for Medicaid by July 31st, 2023 it is recommended that you still verify children’s coverage.  Fortunately, an estimated 9 out of 10 children will still qualify for Medicaid coverage going forward.


Mind of Peace Counseling Clients with Medicaid Coverage:

If you are a current Mind of Peace Counseling client, with Medicaid, please feel free to contact us directly with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your coverage.  Please forward all inquiries to: