Give away what you want!?

I've never written a blog post before.  I've also not spent a lot of time reading blogs, so if I miss the mark here, I guess that is how it will have to be.  When we decided "A blog would be a fantastic way to connect with people trying to learn about what we do at Mind of Peace Counseling, LLC!" a dread washed over me.  Talking to people is my jam!  Helping people solve problems their way, is the most fun thing I could ever imagine!  Writing to another animal.

As I sit here this Saturday afternoon trying to decide exactly what I could share that others could find value in I decided to focus on happiness.  So many people desire happiness, money can't buy it and trying to find it is the focus of all kinds of modern art and music. Of course it's polar opposite is depression, something I help people with on a daily basis.  Happiness is indeed elusive but it also attainable... if you have a plan.  Happiness is there for all of us.

Several years ago I stumbled upon a Ted talk given by a monk named David Steindle-Rast entitled "Want to be happy?  Be grateful"  I've included the link here for the curious.  This message was inspiring to me, and humbling.  We have so much and pay attention to so little.  Gratitude forms the foundation of his discussion as the vehicle one can utilize to find more happiness, 14:30 well spent in my book.

As I've pondered further on the topic, it's my thought that though he discusses "receiving a gift that is freely given" inspiring the feeling of gratitude.  It's the giver he forgets to touch on.  Have you ever helped someone and they were so excited you were there for them?  You just felt so good, like to the core of your being?  You're driving home and telling yourself, " Man...I'm am winning right now...this is me living my best life!  I loved that!"?  There is true joy in that moment.  Unbridled happiness.  You didn't get anything?  You gave away your time.  Maybe you gave away resources?  You gifted your emotional reserves to someone else.  So where does this joy come from?

I'll tell you.  You get back, what you give away.  If you do things that you know bring others joy, that joy comes back to you.  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but rest assured, it is coming for you.  Conversely if you're unkind to others, or you intentionally hurt people (think bullies here) that too is coming back for you, maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow but it is absolutely coming for you.

Go big or go home on this one; trust me.  If you're crippled with anxiety; give away calm. It doesn't have to be a human that you give it to, gift it to the family dog.  Volunteer at a shelter and gift it to a cat if you don't have an animal of your own.  All you have to do is start somewhere, you're efforts don't have to be perfect.  

Sometimes life hands us a stinker, it's what you do with it that matters.

Lynette Belknap-Williams